12th January 2016

It’s a great summer in Southland! It was slow coming. Carcass weights and yields back on other years but price per kg has been good.  We have kept 60 odd yearlings for Mountain River elk schedule in Feb/March, through the EWSNZ, Well done the society for getting the door open for this to happen.

We have made enough baleage, 500 bales which is 2 months ahead for us.  It makes a big difference getting early rising yearling deer away on ship to Europe in cartons.  I can’t figure out why every deer farmer does not use an elk bull over some of their red hinds to get a slice of the action in the chilled venison market.

Velvet prices have held up well but don’t bank to much on this as it’s not like meat which can be sold anywhere in the world.  I have always said we should have a quota, this would help regulate the volume, plus give the older chaps something to trade sometime in our lives.


Trophy Bulls ; Mayfield Magic did us proud, looks like an Australasian record!  561 SCI. Will be interesting in years to come to see if his off spring can better their Dad.  We also had Big Horn who went slightly over 500 SCI as well!  When you view the velvet in freezer picture above, you will notice it’s cut early, well thats the younger generation coming through.  Josh has done a tremendous job, this is why we are getting the premium for our velvet these days.

Josh and Juliet have another brother for young Tom called Jack, so life getting busier for them.  Bonnie, Ratah and girls are also busy with the new concrete cutting business and Bonnie now working as an independent midwife (like her Mum).  Tania’s coming over from London in February with our other two grand daughters and I have talked her into doing the challenge Wanaka with me! Keeping busy eh, Phew!

Cheers Tom and Josh


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