Mayfield Elk Farm

Mayfield Elk Farm in Southland is a state-of-the-art Wapiti unit, with central lanes and generous yards, where we run 700 deer – from our magnificent pedigree Elk Wapiti, to hybrid and Red Deer.

Our 100ha property at Thomsons Crossing was one of the first New Zealand sheep farms to be converted to suit the giant deer. Also a 37 ha block at Earnscleugh, Central Otago.

Our deer shed includes a purpose-built sales ring for hosting on-farm auctions, and we were the first to import and install a Kiwi Elk Squeeze, which improved handling techniques to the extent we were able to reduce sedative when handling the large animals, and in some cases, use none at all.

We’re always happy to showcase our farm and the facilities – if you’re interested in a tour just say the word.

Because of our intensive farming techniques   Mayfield animals usually transport well and thrive off their home property, whether they’re just down the road or right out of the province.