Whats happening on the farm January 2015

Its been a great summer, swimming pool been used lots! velvet yields have been good considering we had such a wet spring, had a very good offer for all of our velvet in ealry December, 20% up on last year season!  Killed 10 animals last week, noted it was $3 a kg less than we received in the spring,  admittedly these were adult animals but I don’t know how deer farmers can survive on just a summer schedule.  The animals that we are growing out for trophy this season are looking really good, we have sacrificed some velvet yield but think we are certainly in the bracket for top trophy animals which as we all know takes a long time to breed.  We wont be able to make the Elk Wapiti velvet competition this year as Jo has organised some friends to go to the concert in Gibston Valley, we will be rocking there instead! Looking at what has been organised you guys are going to be having a great weekend as well.  Will update some photos on our web page and you will note Magic is looking bloody awesome!


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