Whats happening on the farm March 18th 2014

All Elk Bulls out with Red Hinds & Elk cows. AI-ing next year, as we do it every second year.  Looks like by the size of the elk fawns we have had a great result with AI.  Another new bloodline that has come into Mayfield elk.  Will know in three years eh!  If you aren’t looking at different genetics your going backwards.

In the Velvet competition Mojo won the ELK WAP Open Supreme Class : 23kg velvet was cut from him on 12/11/13, pretty good for a 7 year old!  The Velvet season has been a good one, up to $176 kg for regrowth.  Getting closer to the $300 per kg we got 20 odd years ago.  I hope you are all taking velvet as it works! Still had plenty of energy after 6 hours of kayaking on the coast to coast, must’ve been the elk velvet capsules!

Mayfield Elk donated 2 cartons of venison strip loins to the Southland wild food festival, people needed to guess the weight of the elk yearling bull weighed on 20/2/14, the weaner was 150 kg on 22/10/13, its weight on 20/2/14 was 244 kg!  1st & 2nd prize went north.

We have 1 Trophy bull still to sell ‘Big Horn’, score likely 490-520 sci.  Its very big antler! He will be scored shortly after hes released some of his hormones.  We will be starting an auction on my web page for this chappie!  WATCH THIS SPACE!

Click on picts below for larger view!


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