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Mayfield Elk Farm in Southland is a state-of-the-art Wapiti unit, with central lanes and generous yards, where we run 500 deer – from our magnificent pedigree Elk Wapiti, to hybrid and Red Deer.

Our 100ha property at Thomsons Crossing was one of the first New Zealand sheep farms to be converted to suit the giant deer. Also a 37 ha block at Earnscleugh, Central Otago.

Our deer shed includes a purpose-built sales ring for hosting on-farm auctions, and we were the first to import and install a Kiwi Elk Squeeze, which improved handling techniques to the extent we were able to reduce sedative when handling the large animals, and in some cases, use none at all.

Because of our intensive farming techniques Mayfield animals usually transport well and thrive off their home property, whether they’re just down the road or right out of the province.

We’re always happy to showcase our farm and the facilities – if you’re interested in a tour just say the word.

Velvet update - January 2022

4 year velvet
Orange tag 2084Velvet: 17.90kg Elk/SupremeNote: Length of tynes – Awesome!


2 year Elk BullOlive tag 3054
Velvet: 10.45kg Elk/Supreme Note: The most evenness velvet we have bred at Mayfield Elk.



By giving your Elk-Wapiti cows the best semen they’ll deliver the best progeny – consistently heavier animals with top velvet from bloodlines with proven inheritability enabling you to capitalise on strengthening venison and velvet markets – without increasing your workload or your feed bills.


Majestic Mayfield Elk have been selectively mated for generations – the best of the best, chosen for  size, strength, virility and natural beauty.

Grass fed in luscious New Zealand pastures, with the freedom to live naturally, the result is Supreme Velvet. The average Elk-Wapiti bulls cut 3.5 to 4kg of velvet as three year olds.  Mayfield Elk routinely cut 10kg from their three year old bulls.

They don’t mess with tradition. You shouldn’t either.

Elk Supreme Velvet. Head and shoulders above the rest.

Trophy Animals

We supply trophy animals to a number of leading New Zealand Game Parks – when you’re planning your trip down-under to one of our lodges or parks, ask your hunt guide about Mayfield Elk Trophy Bulls.

Because Majestic Mayfield Elk have been selectively mated for generations – the best of the best, chosen for  size, strength, virility and natural beauty – it’s little wonder our Mayfield Trophy Bulls stand head and shoulders above the rest.


Elk-Wapiti are ideal animals to fill in the gaps around a red deer or hybrid venison schedule. Weaner animals reach 100kg live-weights as early as July – and  continue growing through to about 170kg live-weights in February-March.

Shorter Velvet for Sale

275 kilos of shorter velvet of Red Stags and young Elk Stags, for sale. Can arrange shipping with larger quantities of velvet to China or Korea.

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While 2020 threw some curves but not all of them were bad. Eureka lived up to his name, yielding 16 kilo of velvet as a

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