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By giving your Elk-Wapiti cows the best semen they’ll deliver the best progeny – consistently heavier animals with top velvet from bloodlines with proven inheritability enabling you to capitalise on strengthening venison and velvet markets – without increasing your workload or your feed bills.

Today deer insemination is a straight-forward procedure that’s no more difficult than inseminating a dairy cow. The success rate is similar – at 60 and 75 percent for Elk, or 80 to 90 percent for their more fertile red cousins.


Semen for Export

Export-quality Mayfield Elk semen is available from our farmed Elk and stored at Xcell – New Zealand’s leading artificial breeding company. Xcell will carry-out on-farm programming of selected Elk cows, and follow up with artificial insemination – so all you have to do is identify the cows and pick your preferred sire.

REGISTER NOW! Allow a 6 to 8 months quarantine period in order to qualify for export. The sooner you you register your interest the sooner we can get the process underway.


Pick your preferred sire



Son of Seattle: close to 20kg velvet at 5 years, and looking like a future hard antler champion like his sire.
Semen available for export.


Another son of Mayfield Magic cutting more velvet than his sire and close to 19kg at 5 years, awesome wide palm in his velvet.
Semen available for export.
magic new

Mayfield Magic

A son of 4-Play this incredible Elk was bred for greatness. He holds the record for New Zealand’s top trophy antler 561 SCI.  As a 4-year-old he cut 15.8kg of velvet, and each year improved his velvet to 21 kg.
Semen available for NZ only.


He was cutting 5.2kg as a 2-year-old, 10kg as 3-year-old, and a massive 13kg as a four-year-old and grew into a 480 SCI rack.
Semen available for NZ only.


Another top son of 4-Play, best velvet to date is 23 kg, an awesome body and velvet bull.
Semen available for NZ only.


Cut 7.6kg velvet as a 2-year-old, and 10.2 kg a year later to gain a New Zealand heavy-weight record and remains 3rd in the world. His trophy head presides on the wall of our sale centre and Wapiti-Elk handling complex.
Semen available for NZ only.